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  • Aren't coaches only for pro athletes?
    Coaches are for anyone with big goals, especially busy professionals with limited time to train.
  • How will working with a coach help me?
    Working with a coach wil help you make the most of your limited training time. They will also provide accountability, an objective voice of reason, and motivation at the times you need it most.
  • How is a coach different than a training plan?
    A coach will look at your history, your available training time, and your goals and then craft a custom program that best suits your individual needs. Training plans do a good job for a lot of people, but a coach will do a great job for you.
  • What should I expect?
    Coaching starts with an initial onboarding call to learn more about you and your goals. After that your training will be delivered every two weeks in an online platform called TrainingPeaks. Communication is key and in addition to just doing your prescribed workouts, your coach wants to know, "how did it feel?" so they can make changes to future workouts. And, life is always going to happen, so when unexpected travel, or a function at your child's school, your coach will adjust the schedule so that you do what matters most rather than stressing about missed workouts!
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