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Dirty Mamas

Finding Inspiration at Every Turn

"Being a mom has been one of the most challenging and isolating experiences of my life. I love my children dearly but have longed for an empowering outlet that recharges me and gives me a sense of accomplishment. Dirty Mamas celebrates moms and women of all levels of expertise and experience around the shared love of biking. It is designed to be a support system, a social group, and a racing team, all in one, to fulfill many desires at once. We celebrate the strength of women, the beauty of nature, and the exhilaration of biking at any level. We understand that life is rarely clean, and we are here to support all the dirty aspects!"

- Sarah Gierow, founder of Dirty Mamas


Our Story

Dirty Mamas is a community for women, moms and non-moms alike, seeking empowerment through athletics, open to all skill levels. It's a unique blend of support network, social hub, and racing team, celebrating women's resilience, the beauty of nature, and the joy of biking.

Navigating life's demands can be challenging. Dirty Mamas offers an inclusive escape, welcoming everyone from biking novices to experienced riders. Our goal is to make biking accessible and enjoyable for all, fostering a space where every milestone is celebrated.

Our strength lies in camaraderie and mutual support. Here, women share trails and life experiences, supporting each other in balancing personal passions with daily responsibilities. We encourage setting personal goals and celebrate every achievement, large or small, inspiring each other along the way.

At the core of Dirty Mamas is our connection with the outdoors. Biking into nature provides a unique way to recharge and connect, embracing the 'dirty' realities of life and finding joy in its unpredictability and challenges.

Join Dirty Mamas to find your tribe, challenge yourself, and enjoy the freedom of biking. Connect with us to discover how you can participate in our next ride and experience the empowerment of being part of our community.

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