Kaizen /kīzən/
An approach to sport and life focused on continuous improvement.

Keep It Simple. Keep it Fun. Consistency is King.


Keep it Simple

We subscribe to the k.i.s.s. principle on training: keep it straight and simple. You’ll train with power, heart rate and/or pace. But we’ll apply the science in a straightforward manner—no workouts should be so complicated that you need to tape instructions to your handlebars. We'll analyze your data and design your training towards the specific demands of your racing.


Keep it Fun

Whether you are a beginner training for your first event, or a pro trying to win a championship, bike riding should be fun. This doesn’t mean that you won’t work hard, and that there won’t be times when you’re not having fun, but this should be balanced with lots of fun days on the bike. Even at the highest level very few people are making a living from riding bikes. 


Consistency is King

Over the years we have found the biggest secret to success is consistency. There are no shortcuts, no magic workouts, and it is not what you did yesterday or today, it is what you do every day, week, and year… putting in the work and being consistent leads to results.