Kaizen /kīzən/
An approach to sport and life focused on continuous improvement.

Personalized Attention

You’ll get the coach you deserve. Your training program will be structured with your sport and life goals in mind—and will change as your goals and your life evolve too. I believe in regular and open communication, and in treating each client as if they’re the only athlete I coach.

Scientific Simplicity

I subscribe to the k.i.s.s. principle on training: keep it straight and simple. You’ll train with power, heart rate and/or pace. However, I'll apply the science in a straightforward manner—no workouts should be so complicated that you need to tape instructions to your handlebars. I'll analyze your data and design your training towards the specific demands of your racing.

Quality Over Quantity

Most people have careers and other obligations that don't allow them to train 20+ hours a week. And that’s exactly where a good coach comes in. Your customized plan will incorporate structure, intensity, and recovery to make the most out of your limited training time. Every session will have a purpose.