Kaizen, continuous improvement.

While the end goal of every athlete is to get faster, it is this process of continual improvement and the relentless pursuit of perfection that ultimately bring results. To us, Kaizen means being in the moment and performing every task to the best of your ability.


Do your best in every moment, embrace the process and enjoy the journey.


For more than a decade, I have helped athletes of all levels achieve more than they thought possible through a winning combination of art and science. I am a committed, empathetic, and driven coach dedicated to helping you optimize your training around your schedule. As a husband, father of two and competitive athlete myself—I get it.

As the former Director of Education at TrainingPeaks, I spent years teaching coaches how to use data to plan, analyze and track performance of athletes at all levels across an array of endurance goals. While I do utilize all of the latest science and tools in my coaching, I generally like to keep it simple, and I emphasize the importance of the mind-body connection in athletic performance. My ultimate goal is to help you find your limits and then push beyond them in order to achieve things you never thought possible, whether it’s finishing your first 100 mile mountain bike race, or winning a championship.

Dave Schell - Owner/Head Coach
Years of Coaching Experience: 10+

Areas of Expertise: MTB, Gravel, CX

Profesional Qualifications:

USAC Level 2 Coach

TrainingPeaks Level 2 Coach

TrainingPeaks Power Certified

SafeSport Certified


Paige Peters - Associate Coach/ Professional Cyclist/Physician Assistant

Years of Coaching Experience: 5+


Areas of Expertise:

Cycling – time trialists, gravel racing, Esports (particularly knowledgeable about ZADA performance verifications as well as Zwift racing), new cyclists trying to learn the basics

Running – anywhere from 5k to marathon to ultramarathon events

Profesional Qualifications:

USAC Level 3 Coach

TrainingPeaks Level 2 Coach

SafeSport Certified

“Progress is not achieved by luck or accident, but by working on yourself daily.” – Epictetus.


Helping someone achieve their goals is one of the most fulfilling things I do as a coach. As a fellow athlete, I understand these goals are hard earned and you work on them daily. This is why I joined Kaizen Endurance, “kaizen” means continuous improvement. A race is not won with one workout or one training block, often it is days, months, if not years of hard work and sacrifice to get there. Everyone has different goals, whether it is to complete their first 100 mile bike ride or to compete on a national level, the process is often similar.  If you are making that choice to work on yourself and your goals daily, you want a coach that will do the same.


I have over 5 years of experience coaching at the collegiate level for running and I am also a USAC Level III certified cycling coach. In addition, I have years of experience as an educator, which helps me communicate with athletes more effectively. I believe the best training plan is one that you believe in – so regular communication as well as understanding of the plan is paramount to my fundamentals of coaching. I also am passionate about nutrition and serve on the board for Running in Silence, which is a non-profit that works with coaches and athletes to promote eating disorder awareness and education. As a professional cyclist, I also work as a physician assistant, often working 40-60 hours in addition to training 15-20 hours on the bike. If any coach understands work-life balance and juggling training with work -  that is me. I know first hand that sometimes the biggest stressors to a training block are not the actual workouts themselves but the life we live outside those workouts (work, relationships, family, etc.). As your coach, we will work together to adjust and build your training to optimize your performance in the midst of ongoing life.


I ran on scholarship at a NCAA Division II University for cross country and track. After college, I continued to race competitively mostly in the 10 mile to half marathon distances (60:30 10 mile PR, Sub 1:20 Half Marathoner). I have also dabbled in ultra trail running, including completing a Rim to Rim to Rim (R3). When I met my husband I started to cycle as a form of cross training and immediately fell in love! As it turned out, I was a much better cyclist than runner. After winning several of the Zwift races I entered I got “discovered” and recruited to a pro cycling team, where I now compete in the Premier League. My personal areas of specialty are gravel racing, time trialing and Esports.