For more than a decade, I have helped athletes of all levels achieve more than they thought possible through a winning combination of art and science. I am a committed, empathetic, and driven coach dedicated to helping you optimize your training around your schedule. As a husband, father of two and competitive athlete myself—I get it.

As the former Director of Education at TrainingPeaks, I spent years teaching coaches how to use data to plan, analyze and track performance of athletes at all levels across an array of endurance goals. While I do utilize all of the latest science and tools in my coaching, I generally like to keep it simple, and I emphasize the importance of the mind-body connection in athletic performance. My ultimate goal is to help you find your limits and then push beyond them in order to achieve things you never thought possible, whether it’s finishing your first 100 mile mountain bike race, or winning a championship.
A former triathlete, I spend most of my time playing in the dirt coaching and racing mountain bikes, trail running and talking to other coaches and athletes on my podcast, Training Babble. http://www.buzzsprout.com/557458

Professional Qualifications

  • USAC Level 2 Coach


  • Training Peaks Level 2 Certified Coach  


  • TrainingPeaks Power Certified

Kaizen, continuous improvement.

I've always taken great pride in being deliberate and doing my best no matter what the task; my wife lovingly refers to this as OCD. Several years ago, I came across the idea of Kaizen, or continuous improvement, approaching every task mindfully in an attempt to perfect it. This immediately resonated with me, the thing I had been pursuing could be neatly summed up in a single word. It is this same mindset that I bring to my coaching and try to instill in my athletes. 


While the end goal of every athlete is to get faster, it is this process of continual improvement and the relentless pursuit of perfection that ultimately bring results. To me, Kaizen means being in the moment and doing whatever you are doing to the best of your ability. Do your best in every moment, cherish the process and enjoy the journey.